It all began in Morocco


Mina grew up on the wave-crashing shores of Casablanca, where a morning stroll between the white walls of the majestic city was a culinary journey unto itself. Through open kitchen windows would drift the beautiful aromas of centuries-old recipes passed down from one generation to the next. The first time Mina tasted her next-door neighbor’s homemade harissa, she instantly fell in love with the fiery flavors. She played with the recipe until she made it her own, adding extra virgin olive oil, a touch of vinegar, and a bit of garlic to the classic red chile pepper base.



Mina traveled to Paris to hone her craft and master the demanding techniques of French cuisine.

She eventually traded the beauty of Paris for the thrill of New York City, where she took her talent and passion for cooking and began her own catering business. It was a huge success, attracting an elite clientele drawn to Mina’s high-end feasts.

New York


After Mina retired, her children kept her love of sharing Moroccan cuisine with the world alive with Mina, a line of authentic Moroccan pantry staples.

The brand began in 2010 with their mother’s beloved harissa sauce. With time, the new generation expanded its line, introducing homestyle favorites like shakshuka sauce, tagine cooking sauces, preserved lemons, olives, and extra virgin olive oil.

Simple, natural, and true to Moroccan heritage, Mina products are made with non-GMO certified ingredients, much sourced from family farms in Morocco. Just like Mina the matriarch, Mina the brand’s dream is for people to experience the beauty and abundance of Moroccan culture through food for generations to come.